Joining us at SKILLED Recruitment:

School of life - meaning-oriented

At SKILLED you have responsibility right from the start, you develop quickly, you satisfy your hunger for success and you grow personally and professionally together with the company. 

If this sounds like an interesting career starter package for you right after your academic qualifications, then read on to find out all the important background information you need to kick off your career at SKILLED.

Trainee Sales & Recruiting

Here you will learn how to find and inspire the right experts for vacancies on various channels and how to win new customers and build sustainable partnerships. With a clear sales focus, you will be introduced to the ABCs of successful B2B sales and build your own portfolio.

Trainee Recruiting

As a trainee recruiter, you will develop skills in areas such as interviewing and negotiation and also acquire an in-depth understanding of the life sciences industry. These skills will help you find the right people for vacant positions, convince them and guide them successfully through the application process.

Interview and application process

Our interview process is all about you, and of course a little bit about us – but the focus and the ball is in your court. Tell us about yourself and ask us lots of questions about ourselves.

We will guide you through the process as a sparring partner and facilitator.

    30 minutes, we clarify the most important details with you and touch on a few points about the job and your CV.
    This is the first time we go into detail about you and your role. Together with us, we will identify your future activities at SKILLED and discuss one or two upcoming challenges.
    Together we take stock of the first meeting, assess whether we gained a common understanding from the first interview and we introduce you to the team.
    Once your application process has been successfully completed, we will issue you with an employment contract and are delighted to welcome you to SKILLED.

The application process from the telephone interview onwards usually takes 3-4 weeks. After each interview, we give you time to reflect, come back to us with feedback or clarify any unanswered questions. Afterwards, you will receive our feedback on how to proceed.

Your start at SKILLED

In the first three months, we concentrate entirely on your training and follow the respective weekly plans specific to your learning objectives. You will be accompanied by your personal mentor, who is responsible for making you feel comfortable and helping you to develop successfully. After 3 months, your training will become more individualised and tailored to your needs. You learn to work independently and achieve your goals. Within the framework of 3 comprehensive development meetings, your progress will be systematically monitored during the first 12 months and solutions for your challenges will be found together. This structured approach ensures that you will be successful at SKILLED and we look forward to offering you a permanent position at the end of your internship.


As the foundation for our cooperation at SKILLED, we live the following values:
    You are reliable and obliging towards your internal and external contacts at all times. Reliability creates trust and ensures that your team can always count on you and that you can work independently.
    SKILLED was founded to stay and for that it requires sustainably built relationships; within the team, with our clients as well as the candidates.
    Without goals no results, without results no progress. Our team is guided by clear goals. We are committed to achieving these together in order to grow and celebrate success.
    SKILLED continues to develop and grow rapidly. We therefore always remain curious and are open to new processes, frameworks and tools. This ensures our agility as a team and organisation and enables us to adapt quickly to both internal and external changes.

Your workplace

At SKILLED you have a state-of-the-art workplace in a cosy and stylish office in the Dreispitz in Basel. There is a modern kitchen, a lounge and lots of greenery. You will feel right at home with us. Coffee, drinks and snacks are available free of charge.

Your career opportunities

SKILLED is growing and you have the opportunity to grow with us. Whether as a leader with your own mentees or as an expert. You play a major role in your career and are challenged and supported by us.

Your new team

Watch out! Your new team has a lot of steam, is young and hungry. Can you keep up? And not just at work, but also at a team event or after-work beer? Then apply now – your colleagues are looking forward to meeting you.